New Year. New Gear

We finally made it to 2019. Sadly Trump is still in office and Brexit is still Brexit. Alas these things won't spoil my love for photography.

In November 2018 I recently bought my second camera during the back Friday sales. The camera which just happened to be a full frame mirrorless, Sony A7 with a 50mm kit lens included at a then price of £679 (with £150 cashback). Definitely my bargain purchase of 2018. 

I haven't completely switched from Fuji to Sony. I still like the small X-E1 and I will continue to use as my second camera option. After a month and a few weeks using Alana (I named the A7 Alana) I can say I am amazed of what this old camera can do.  

Here are just a few shots:


Edited Crop: 50mm, F1.8, ISO640, 1/60 sec

Edited: 50mm, ISO4000, F2.0, 1/160 sec

Edited Crop: 50mm, ISO100, F1.8, 1/1250sec

Edited Crop: 50mm, ISO160 F4.0, 1/60ec

Edited: 50mm, ISO1600, F2.0, 1/160sec

Edited Crop: 50mm ISO1600, F2.8, 1/160sec

Edited Black and white: 50mm, ISO100, F1.8, 1/1250sec

It's odd but the purchase of Alana came at the right time as I once again had that slump in photographic creativity.   

This year I will be adding 3 bits of gear to my current setup. I'll be getting a 35mm AF samyang lens, peak design cuff wrist strap and a lens adapter for my manual focus lens.   

Stay tuned. You can follow me on Instagram for more of my photo's with Alana.