Street Photography: Medway

This weekend I decided to get out of London and head to.the Kent coast. Randomly I decided it was going to be Medway, Gillingham where I was to spend the night. Below are the shots I took during my time there.





Dingy - I took this in colour, I decided to process this in monochrome. It gave it that world war/Dunkirk feel to the image. 


Another boat

No boats this time. I particularly like this shot. It was the Joker style looking bus stop that got my attention.  I decided to wait for my subject and within 5 mins she arrived. 

Pretty glad I it set on continuous shooting. This was the last frame from shot. Which I later converted it into monochrome. 

Shot on iPhone 7 Plus 

For awhile now I thought i was never going to get out and shoot again. I think the night away from London did the trick on this occasion. 

All images on this blog were taken on the Fujifilm X-E1 - Auto Chinon 50mm F1.7