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Creative Block

Apparently this happens even with photographers. It's been a while now since I last got out with the camera. Every day I felt like going out with camera to take more photos I felt like I encountered obstacles. Whether it be the weather, light situation or the lack of energy. They were all too high a hurdle to get over. 

I think I've found the solution in two books. One about street photography the other a book assignment on photography. Both so far have given me some inspiration to kick start me again. 

Below are a few of the last shots I took before the BLOCK!

Fujifilm X-E1 - Canary Wharf

I imagine alot of people think that by simply slapping on the black and White "filter" it will automatically improve their shot. In fact I was one of them. 

I learnt to spend a lot more time with the photos I've taken. Making sure the composition is right or faffing about with the drop the

Fujimfilm X-E1 Note, Canary Wharf

Old man I spotted looking for something before he crossed the road.